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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 16, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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to the floor of congress. each republican will be called out on whether he or she thinks it was racist. >> i went to spanish mass this weekend and saw the dignity of those families. the beauty of the children and the fear that the president had struck in their hearts. as we are listening to the gospel of the good samaritan. that very same day, unfortunately, there were those who were not informed by that gospel. and so here we are later in that day.
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that same day, the words that are used to women in congress, go home. whether because they didn't look like others here. as annoyed as is -- insulted as we all should be, about the president saying that about our colleagues it's also not showing mercy for him to say that about so many people in our country as he wants to split up families. i think mr. monthlinowski to sp to the statements the president made later in the day. mr. molinoski was born abroad. the house hopefully has come together standing as one to denounce the white house's
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xenophobic attacks on our members. on our people much and what is america? america is many things a land of a great contribution. a beautiful land that god has given us. values that we share that are being undermined. but america is also a nation largely but not totally -- largely of immigrants. the founders conceived america as a haven for refuge. for people fleeing from religious and political persecution, and thomas jefferson alexander hamilton. having opposite views on other subjects all emphasized that the nation gain as it attracted new people in search of freedom and
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livelihood for their families. the most acute americans. immigrants are the constant reinvigoration of america to make the future better. those are american values, those are american traits, hope, optimism courage. and many of these immigrants when they come here with those values and those traits, make america more american. franklin roosevelt said remember always all of us and you and i are descendants from immigrants. president john f. kennedy wrote, the contribution of immigrants can be seen in every aspect of our national life. and president ronald reagan said it so beautifully. if we ever close the door to new
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americans, our leadership in the world would soon be lost. yet the president's comments show that he does not share those american values. the comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and the comments are racist. how shameful to hear him continue to defend those offensive words, words that we have all heard and repeated about not only our members, but countless others. our caucus will continue to respond to the attacks on our members which reflect a fundamental disrespect for the beautiful diversity of america. there's no place anywhere for the president's words which are not only divisive but dangerous. and have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new americans and people of color. it's so sad because you think there would be a given universally just say, of course.
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and there's no response to those words except a swift condemnation. every member of this congress join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the american people. >> sustained. the gentlemen from georgia. >> and know that the -- >> i was going to give the speaker of the house a chance to rephrase that comment. >> i have cleared my remarks as a parliamentarian before i read them. >> i ask her words be taken down. the gentle woman's words are unparliamentary and will be taken down.
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>> do not make comments toward person ail based comments. the gentleman from georgia -- >> i made a point of order that the gentle woman's comments are unparliament tarian and request they be taken down. >> is the gentleman making a demand that the words be taken down? >> i request the gentle woman's words are unparliamentary and request they be taken down. >> all members will suspend. the clerk will now report the words. >> we're see willing a bit of a back and forth following the remarks of nancy pelosi, doug collins, representative from georgia calling on the
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gentlewoman's comments to be taken down. she was just told by the chair not to make personality based comments. what was clear from the speakers comments is that she viewed the president's comments over the weekend to be not just divisive, but dangerous, she called them disgraceful and disgusting, and said they are racist, in no uncertain terms in the view of nancy pelosi, the words are racist. dana, some very forceful language from the speaker of the house. >> absolutely. and procedurally. the notion of a speaker, any speaker of either party going into the well of the house, making a speech. is not done very often and done in a deliberate way. i wouldn't be surprising if she voted, which again speakers don't continued to do. but she wants to be front and center on this, she wants to be the face of this resolution for a lot of reasons.
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one of which is, she was on the other side of a very vocal, very open disagreement. they still have disagreements with the four congress women who the president has talked about and vilified the way he has. what the president did with that tweet saying, they need to go home, in that single tweet unify nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders with those four congress women. particularly andrea ocasio-cortez, whom they had very severe differences on policy, but also, more importantly on approach and on how to approach one another in this very broad diverse caucus that is the democratic majority. that is what she was doing. i notice that she at one point kind of related the whole controversy to immigration, which is the flip side of what
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mitch mcconnell did. obviously very different. i think his was much more of a punt but he shows the ying and yang of the politics here. >> mitch mcconnell said he didn't view the president as racist himself. >> anyone who disagrees with them on anything, including the speaker of the house. the president the speaker, the freshmen in the house, all of us have a responsibility to elevate our public discourse, our words do matter, we all know politics is a contact sport. but it's about time we lowered the temperature all across the board. the president's not a racist. i think the tone of all of this
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is not good for the country. >> dana, the speaker -- the senate majority leader there, chalking all this up to heated political rhetoric, essentially trying to equate everything on all sides and make it sound like the president's comments were not out of the ordinary for this moment. >> it was both sides at its worst, it really was, and i think in his heart of hearts, he understands that intellectually, he also is dancing on the head of a pin politically. in his head. the leader of the senate caucus, who has a lot of members from red states, but also members not from red states who are up for re-election next year, who have to appeal to people who aren't classic trump voters. he himself is up for re-election next year, in a more red state, but you never know what's going to happen, he also has to make sure his base is happy.
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the most fascinating and telling moment of the mcconnell press conference is when our colleague asked about the fact that mcconnell's wife is an immigrant from china, and effectively, what would happen if someone told her to go home, that's where the punt came saying, i'm all for legal immigration, which is not relevant at all to the question, it's about ethnicity and race. and it's not about immigration, it's not about policy, as much as these conversations should be about policy it wasn't and he didn't answer. he's very quick to defend his wife usually. let's be clear. he was trying to do it in the fact of how much success her family had. >> that's not the case at all in the case of these four women. minutes before all of this back and forth kellyanne conway
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was asked about the president's racist comments. >> we should be talking about -- >> the question -- if the president was not telling these four congress women to return to their supposed countries of origin, to which countries was he referring? >> what's your ethnicity. >> why is that relevant? >> because i'm asking a question. >> my ancestors are from ireland and italy. >> it's not relevant to the question i'm asking. >> no, it is. you're asking about, he said originally. >> i said -- >> and to have a full conversation. >> are you saying the president is telling the palestinian -- >> the president has already commented on that. >> go back to -- >> the president has already commented on that. and he said a lot -- he put out a lot of tweets and he made
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himself to all of you yesterday. >> no, he hasn't. >> yes, he has. he's tired. a lot of us are sick and tired of this country, of america becoming last. sick and tired of our military being denigrated. sick and tired of them being -- no, you don't understand, because you didn't go. being criticized, being -- >> a very heated exchange there between kellyanne conway and a reporter. andrew feinberg, a white house reporter, you say that by asking about your ethnicity, which he did very clear there at the beginning of the clip, kellyanne conway confirmed what the president meant. explain that? >> not by asking initially, but when i asked her how it was relevant. she said the president was talking about where these congress women in question were -- as she put it originally from.
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which everyone except for congresswoman omar was born in somalia and came here as a child, is the united states. at least to my thinking, and a lot of the people that were around me like colleagues, she was essentially saying what she had denied only seconds before, which is that the president was not suggesting that the two african-american come wong could go back to africa, or congresswoman ocasio-cortez could return to puerto rico or similar if they don't like his policies, which he equates as not liking the united states. >> when you started in this back and forth with her -- >> i thought it was bizarre, she frequently responds to questions i ask her by asking questions of her own.
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a few weeks back when i asked if the 4th of july party the president put on, was not partisan, why was the rnc handing out tickets? she asked if i knew why we celebrated the fourth of july. it was odd to be asked about my own personal background. >> this doesn't really have anything to do with this debate. you are jewish, you said after this that you didn't find the exchange with kellyanne conway to be anti-semitic. she tweeted in response to that saying, in fact that same gaggle, i made clear my outrage my anti-semitic comments, flying out of the congresswoman, and how absurd it was that the house could not condemn her by name and a resolution back in march.
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you didn't find any of this to be anti-semitic? >> no, and i was responding on twitter to someone who asked if she was trying to get at the fact that i was jewish or if there was an anti-semitic overturn to what she asked. i didn't detect that. i saw it as a deflection in her case went wrong. >> don't you think there's a way to deflect, to spin this, to move on to another subject. she wanted to engage, really heatedly as well. >> and she kept bringing things back to congresswoman omar and -- we're no longer talking about that, because we're talking about president of the united states. and congresswoman's comments about israel and a various -- lobbying groups that advocate can be taken in different ways,
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depending on who you talk to, the president's tweets starting this past weekend, i mean, there's really no many ways to look at them except as racist. >> when you look at what was said today, and then you compare that to what her husband, george conway wrote in the washington post. this is not the first time these two spouses have been at odds. naivety and racism have given us a race oift president. this is a new one, this puts kellyanne conway in a rather awkward position. >> i don't envy her, and i don't want to guess as to what's going on in a marriage, not being married myself, i wouldn't presume to know. i'm sympathetic, i think this
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whole thing goes to what a lot of folks say is a central tenant of the trump presidency, making america great again in the president's words means making america great for americans as he and his supporters see americans. and asking my ethnicity, i'm an americ american, and that should be the only thing that matters. i'm not sure what the point was. >> way to stand your ground. thank you so much. >> andrew fine berd. >> happening right now, on the floor of the house of representatives, lawmakers are currently debating whether to rebuke the president over those racist remarks. one conservative commentator says what trump has done to civil discourse cannot be undone. breaking news, just in to cnn, an arrest has been made in the murder of a louisiana civil
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as we speak, lawmakers are debating a house resolution to condemn president trump over his
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racist tweets. here are some of the words lawmakers will be voting on this evening. saying the house of representatives strongly condemns president donald trump's racist comments that have legitimized and increased fear of people of color. by saying our fellow americans are immigrants and those who may look like the president should go back to other countries. and saying they don't belong in congress or the united states of america. the republican house leadership is planning to recommend their members vote against the resolution. >> you have a resolution like this on the floor today, though. >> are you going to encourage your members to vote -- >> let's not be false on what's happening here today. >> this is all about politics
12:25 pm
and beliefs and ideologies of what individuals have. >> kevin mccarthy there. like mitch mcconnell, the leader of the republicans in the senate, said the president's tweet was not racist. today senator cotton also a republican said he would not condemn the president's bigoted attack. >> i think what he sees is a lot of extremism from the caucus that has been anti-semitic, anti-police, really far out on the far left wing. i think he simply is highlighting some of the extreme rhetoric from house democrats. the president is going to tweet what he beats. the point he's made, the house democrats have engaged in truly outrageous statements. with us, we have joe walsh as well as joel pain who once served as a senior aide for
12:26 pm
hillary clinton's campaign. >> joe, i want to go to you first. we have been counting the number of republicans that have condemned the president's comments. that number stands at 19. mitch mcconnell came out next hour and said the president is not a racist. are you surprised? >> i'm disappointed, somewhat surprised, because i think this was ugly. i think what the president said was racist. i mean, here we are down in the mud again, and i think it's always important to remind ourselves how we got here. two days ago, the president of the united states told four brown skinned congress women to go back to where they came from. i know we want to get into the politics of this, and how it's going to play, think about what he said. it was offensive, it was
12:27 pm
anti-american, it was racist, this president has no shred of decency, and that's why we're here. and that's why in congress right now, they're debating a resolution about whether the president's a racist or not the republicans are losing this fight and sadly, they deserve to. >> stay with me for a second. if you are a supporter of trump, should you be finally questioning yourself about whether you're supporting a racist? >> i don't support this president. i can't support this president, it's not just because whey think he said was racist, i think he's dishonest, and i don't think he's fit to be president, but that's a bigger broader discussion. but i do think these comments of his are going to hurt him, and i think they're going to hurt the party, and i think they should.
12:28 pm
>> are supporters of the president supporting a racist? >> i think they certainly are supporting somebody who has shown himself to be a racist, xenophobic, i'm uncomfortable with those broad litmus tests. this incident is just the latest in a long string of incidents. this is not a surprise, nothing that we see on his twitter stream or anything we hear from this president should be a surprise to us at this point. the republicans are past the point where they can say, i'm shocked, i'm dismade by what the president has said president trump puts on a shiny jacket on all of these platitudes and all of these ideas. they're ideas that a lot of republicans have held for a long time. this president is actually saying them, he's saying the
12:29 pm
quiet part outloud, that's what's making a lot of republicans uncomfortable. do you think the democrats are muddying the waters when they raise the notion of impeachment. as we saw the democratic congress women do? >> i don't think that's muddying the waters, when we talk about impeachment, that's her talking about doing her job, not because the president is a bigot. although that should be enough of a reason to have pause. in the era of trump, it's so hard to disassociate all of the different things we're dealing with, there's a lot of factors to consider. there's donald trump, who he is as a person there are the norms he's breaking on a daily basis, we as media and observers are asked to consider these things
12:30 pm
in one large pale. i think it's totally appropriate to say you want to hold donald trump accountable. >> we have heard after all this from long time conservative commentator. >> i believe that what this president has done to our culture to our civic discourse, you cannot unring these bells you cannot unsay what he's said. you cannot change that he's made it normal for school boy taunts and obvious lies to be spun out in a constant stream. i think this will do more lasting damage than richard nixon's burglary stint. >> do you think he's right? >> do you think what he said, in
12:31 pm
saying, that you cannot undue what trump has done? >> i do agree. i think it's going to take a long time. even if trump loses in 2020, he's not going anywhere. i was a republican member of congress. my party welcomes anybody into this country legally, if they want freedom and opportunity regardless of color, race or creed or where they come from that is not the republican party that this president represents. that's a shame, and that's going to take a long time to undue. >> we have too leave it there, thank you for a great discussion this afternoon. thanks very much. >> we do have breaking news into cnn, an arrest has been made in the murder of a louisiana civil rights activist. she was a 75-year-old. she was found dead in the trunk
12:32 pm
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we're following breaking news, baton rouge police have made an arrest in the death of a beloved community activist. police found sadie roberts joseph's body in the trunk of her car last week. an autopsy showed the
12:37 pm
75-year-old civil rights icon died of suffocation. and her death has been ruled a pop side. moments ago, baton rouge police announced they have a suspect in custody. >> the police department arrested ron germane bell and charged him with first degree murder and homicide of sadie roberts joseph. we believe based on our investigation at this time that ron bell was a tenant in one of her rent houses. we believe he was behind on his rent. about $1200 was owed for rent. we still don't have a complete solid 340e9ive at the time. and the moltive is still under investigation. >> a lawmaker from the baton
12:38 pm
rouge area. and pat mcallister is a niece of sadies pat. we are so sorry for your loss. i would like to ask what your reaction is from the police there, that an arrest has been made in this homicide. >> it's a great relief, to know that that part of the journey is over that was the most important thing at that particular time, who did it, why, and where were you, where are you? we can sigh a little bit in terms of what happened and who did it. >> it certainly doesn't ease any pain, i imagine it helps to start answering some of the questions that you may have. do you know the suspect or why he may have harmed your aunt, that we heard the police talking
12:39 pm
about rent and money? >> well, money is the root of all evil, so i would think that -- i would hate to think that i would be necessary to kill your landlord because you can't pay her. but it seems that that could very well have been the case. >> and denise, i want to know more about what sadie meant to the baton rouge community. we know that she founded an african-american museum as well as a nonprofit organization against drugs and violence. what does that mean to her community? >> first of all, she was an icon. she meant so much to this community, to so many different people. young people, older people, just people. it's very hard to describe sadie's reaction with the community because she was on every level. she was an activist a historian,
12:40 pm
she was an amazing woman, and i'm certainly glad that someone's in custody for this crime. and the city is relieve d at least that we have someone behind bars. i want to thank the baton rouge community for coming together on this, it's very important to the family. i've been with the family for several days. and it's a relief, but it's tough. we're continuing our prayers and certainly for our community. >> we have heard that word icon used quite a bit. >> you had a much more personal personal relationship with her. what do you want us to know about her? >> she was all about pieceship we as an icon in our community and family. she's always been the strength, she's always been the person that keeps you corrected. she's always been that person
12:41 pm
that will always want you to shoot for excellence. and so peace is it what it's all about, coming together. learning about each other. having awareness of each contribution that's made to the nation by people. by the community to embrace that, embrace what each of us bring to the table. so that we all can get along, and there will be peace. >> and we certainly want to highlight the museum and keep her legacy alive. they're establishing a fund to do just that, we're asking people from around the world to support that effort as she has carried this museum on her back. we're saddened by her death but we're glad it's brought baton rouge together. we're going to commit to keeping the museum alive and open.
12:42 pm
and so we're certainly looking for contributions to do that. >> that's exactly what she would want. >> thank you for joining me this afternoon, i'm sorry for your loss. sadie sounded like an absolutely remarkable woman, thank you for coming on to tell us about her today. >> and she was. >> thank you. thank you. >> we'll be back in a moment. ♪ sick and tired of running circles ♪ for miles and miles. ♪ being lost ain't never really been my style.
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the new york police officer who was accused of choking eric garner will not be facing federal charges. attorney general william barr made the decision himself not to bring federal civil rights charges against the officer.
12:46 pm
the announcement comes one day before the five-year anniversary of garner's death. you'll recall the cell phone video of the police encounter that went viral. you can hear garner saying, i can't breathe. sparking a rallying cry, a nationwide protest. >> with the justice -- don't apologize to me. apologize to the officer, don't give me your condolences, i heard that five years ago. >> five years ago, my son said i can't breathe 11 times. and today we can't breathe. because they have let us down. >> joining me now are ellie hone egg, a former u.s. district attorney for the southern district of new york and the executive director of the
12:47 pm
rutgers institute for secure communities. as well as joey jackson. let's get right to it, how unusual is it? this is something that happened on the streets of new york, for the attorney general to make a decision in a case like this. in new york, and in the process, overruling the civil rights division here in d.c., which wanted to prosecute the officer? >> i don't think it's particularly surprising that the attorney general was making this decision. given how important a case this is, how high profile a case this is, i don't think it's surprising that william barr came out against a criminal charge here. to be good at coming up with reasons, why things should not be charged. i think it's unusual to see the attorney general overrule. the prosecutors and investigators i think it's a problematic decision by the attorney general given all the
12:48 pm
facts we know. >> joey, to you, the family is pushing for the officer involved in garner's death to be fired. the nypd brought department charges. why has it taken so long to investigate this incident and how does today's decision impact this case in the longer term. i think today's decision was a disgrace. let's call it what it is. we can tell you that, serving in the southern district, you are talking about motivated attorneys, the cream of the crop, they will go 15 rounds with you on a 12 round decision. the fact is, i think this decision was miss guided, factually, legally and practically. i believe based on the facts you can establish a case. there's a distinction between proving a case and that case being a difficult case, and
12:49 pm
certainly making a case. and i think that the -- they had the ability to make the case. they did not have the will too do so. it shouldn't turn on the ideology of the person who sits in the 150e9, it should turn on the facts and the application of the facts with the law. proving something will full is difficult. i've seen the federal government do other things like this before, and do it successfully, the fact is, while it may be a hard case, it's a case you pursue. in terms of why it took so long, that's anyone's guess. we had the mueller report, right? the mueller investigation, less than two years, this is five years. how do you equate that? it's a stall, it's a stall, it's a stall. you get to the point where at the day of the anniversary. the 17 th of july. there was a departmental hearing, that decision is pending, that is that he was tried pursuant to departmental policy. the firing of the officer
12:50 pm
and i think that is what the community was skpeking and that is what justice would demand in this case. >> thank you for breaking it down. >> thank you, alex. more on our breaking news. the house right now debating whether to condemn the president's racist attack on four democratic congresswomen. stand by. rl, i appreciate the invite here. as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? (splash) carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in? it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. woman 1: this is my body of proof. man 1: proof of less joint pain
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today is a big day for space geeks. it marks the 50th anniversary of one apollo 11 launched into space. carrying neil armstrong, buzz aldrin and michael collins to the history-making moment in the summer of 1969. mankind's first steps on the moon. >> one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> people all around the world were glued to their television sets watching in awe and today 50 years to the day after the launch, a special treat. >> three, two, one --
12:56 pm
>> that is the space suit that neil armstrong wore during his apollo 11 mission unveiled for the first time in 13 years at the smithsonian air and space museum here in washington. and we have a programming note for you. the cnn film "apollo 11" takes you inside this historic journey with newly-discovered incredible footage. that is saturday night at 9:00 on cnn. xfinity mobile is a wireless network
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a programming note. you could find out which democratic candidates will be facing off against each other each night of the next debates in a special live event, watch the draw for the cnn democratic debates which will be on july 30th and 31st. that draw thursday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. that will do it for me.
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i'm alex mar cart. thank you for joining me today. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. was it lbj who said if i've lost scaramucci, i've lost middle america? "the lead" starts right now. president trump today digging in again, defending his racist tweets about minority democratic congresswomen and possibly revealing why he's going to keep this fight alive until at least, say, november 2020. while a former top white house aide calls the tweets racist. he'll join us live this hour. a different story for house republican leaders, refusing to condemn the president as they are about to be forced to go on record with a vote. will any house republicans defect. plus a new cnn poll out of the first primary state showing joe biden may not be alone at the top any more. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with our